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Grateful this service is provided in the community. They work nicely with students, understanding of conflicts, and the new webinar format is very helpful to parents! Thanks!

Ann Ehlert 7/27/2021

I had a few different instructors and all of them made sure that i was ready for my test, Connor is such a beauty

Tanner Hunt 7/10/2021

Tessa was the best instructor! She made the experience feel as if you were diving with someone you knew! She is absolutely hilarious and perfect for any new driver to help them learn and become more comfortable! She is a very down to earth person and absolutely the best!

Rylee Klinger 4/26/2021

They are Awesome to work with, I would defaintly go back for there services agian if I needed them. Always answered questions, were quick to answer back. Very friendly! All around great people. Would defaintly recommend them!

Jolynne Christiansen 2/17/2021


Melanie Stettler 8/17/2020

Very positive experience and very flexible with behind the wheel training! Thank you CLDS!

Stacy James 6/17/2020

My cousins went through this driving school and had an amazing experience.

Marcel Gyswyt 5/17/2020

Very well-run business. Owners are very responsive and helpful 🙂

Luke Januschka 5/17/2020

Great teachers

gunner 870 5/17/2020

New owners made things so easy, We are lucky to have a place like this in town. Thanks Central Lakes Driving!

Michael Sahli 5/17/2020

My son had a great experience in the classroom as well as during his driving sessions. The new owners are respectful and easy to work with.

Kristal Bomstad 5/17/2019

Really great teachers, happy I chose them!

Abby Zwieg 5/17/2018

New owner is great. Smooth process

Connor Illies 5/17/2018

Professional, friendly, and just plain great! I've had three kids learn to drive with Central Lakes. My calls were returned and scheduling was easy and flexible around our schedules. 👍🏼

Beth Sabolik 5/17/2017

My daughter had taken drivers ed at another location but had not completed all her behind the wheel hours due to our move to the Alexandria area. This driving school took the time to verify the hours she had completed behind-the-wheel (I had lost the documents in the move) plus gave her a refresher, and got her back on track without completely starting over. Yes, sometimes it took a little time for a call to be returned, but perhaps 15-16 years old is a good time to teach our kids to be proactive rather than reactive, that life is not always instantaneous, and these things should be scheduled in advance. As another poster mentioned, he is in a car with someone else's child. Safety first!!

Serendipity 5/17/2017

I have had a much different experience with this school. I have four children in which 3 have gone through them with no problems. I am getting ready to schedule my youngest for his drivers training and would not train anyone else. Remember he is training your children in a car if he doesn't call back right away he will.

Renata Bosek 5/17/2017

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