*Behind-the-wheel is available beginning May 18th!  Please follow Minnesota Guidelines regarding COVID-19 and wear a mask, due to unpreventable close proximity while in the vehicle.  Cars will be sanitized in between each driving appointment.


For driving appointments departing out of our home office on 1417 Broadway St, Alexandria click below:






For driving appointments at different locations, we are still working on completing our online scheduling software.  Anyone who has taken a class through Central Lakes, at any location, is still welcome to take Behind-the-wheel in Alexandria.


For driving appointments out of the Melrose/Albany area, please contact Jeff Lang at (320)-266-5617.


For driving appointments out of the Minnewaska/West Central area, please contact Randy Crumb at (320)-634-3619.  Appointments will not begin until after Memorial Day, May 26th. Appointments are always open in Alexandria for scheduling as well (schedule above).



About us:


Central Lakes Driving School is a locally run drivers education program providing classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction for all people looking to obtain a Minnesota Driver’s License. Our instructors have over 30+ years of driver’s education experience. We offer classroom and behind-the-wheel sessions in Alexandria, MN and the surrounding areas. Please see our Current Class Schedule for classroom sessions and feel free to contact us to schedule behind-the-wheel sessions.


Minnesota Drivers’ Education

The state of Minnesota requires both classroom and behind the wheel drivers’ education for new drivers under the age of 18 in order to obtain a MN Driver’s Permit and License. The following requirements apply to all new driver’s under the age of 18 (please see the MN Department of Motor Vehicle website for requirements for new driver’s over the age of 18).

Driver’s Education Requirements for Written Knowledge Exam to obtain Driver’s Permit
Must present an enrollment “Blue Card” showing completion of classroom drivers’ education (at least 30 hours) and enrollment in behind-the-wheel instruction.

Students may register and take the classroom if they are soon to be 15 years old or older.  Students must be 15 years old or older to take the State Driving Permit Test and may schedule Behind-the-Wheel instructions only if they possess an instruction permit (obtained after the classroom).

Obtaining the permit at an early 15 years of age is wise.  This allows the student to utilize the permit by practicing for approximately one year before driving on their own.  The State of Minnesota requires a student to have their permit for a minimum of 6 months before they may apply for a driver’s license.  During this practice period the student is required to practice a minimum of 50 hours of Behind-the-Wheel driving with a licensed driver 21 years old or older.

Driver’s Education Requirements for Road Exam to obtain Driver’s License
Must have a valid certification of completion “White Card” showing completion of a certified drivers’ education program.

The six hours of Behind-the-Wheel is scheduled after the classroom requirement is satisfied.  This is scheduled by calling 763-3000 and making an appointment.  Students can be picked up at most any location in the city limits.  We use state certified dual-brake vehicles.

For additional licensing requirements see our Drivers’ Resources page.

Link to required driving log: Supervised Driving Log